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doosra means the “second” or “the other” in Hindi & Urdu.

doosra is a decidedly non-traditional take on classic Indian chai-time snacks. The originals are great, but we craved something a little different, a doosra iteration. We decided to complement classic Indian ingredients like boondi, amchur, and Kerala-style banana chips with sweet, indulgent flavors.

We hope doosra introduces anyone unfamiliar with Indian snacks to the wide array of both sweet & savory treats we and the broader South-Asian culture has to offer. On the flip side, doosra would like to show fellow South Asians that the complexity of our spices and textures pair deliciously with more than just raisins and dried fruit.

The best part? Our snacks are meant to be shared. With friends, family, and strangers alike over chai, a glass of wine, or at an ice cream party. Wherever you eat our snacks, we hope you’re smiling and having a blast with those who mean the world to you. That’s what chai-time snacks were made for.


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